Perform at your peak for longer

PREPD Prime uses a special resistant starch, which allows your body to hydrate up to 30% more effectively. Consume Prime 6-18 hours before exertion to supercharge the effectiveness of sports drinks and water.

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

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Replenish fluid faster

PREPD Recover is low in sugar to replenish fluid and electrolytes fast. Consume Recover immediately after exertion and the resistant starch enhances your capacity to rehydrate over the next 24 hours of recovery.

Recovery is hard, not recovering is harder.

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A two-part hydration system like no other.

And a quantum leap in your body’s hydration effectiveness.

PREPD is the difference.

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Our Research

PREPD is a new, sports hydration system backed by over 20 years of collaborative medical research between Flinders and Yale Universities originally focused on treating severe dehydration in developing countries. Using a special resistant starch, our research team developed something truly remarkable - a new medical oral rehydration solution which delivered a 39% hydration improvement compared with the World Health Organisations’ recommended ORS.

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The large intestine has an untapped potential to absorb up to 6 litres of fluid per day. The special resistant starch in PREPD has been clinically proven to drive fluid absorption in the large intestine, allowing the body to hydrate up to 30% more effectively. PREPD is a two-part sports hydration system (consumed pre- and post- exercise) designed to enhances the hydration effectiveness of all other drinks including water. Perform at your peak for longer and recover faster with PREPD.

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Case Study

In 2014 we conducted a clinical hydration trial with the Adelaide Crows. With 27 players, a cross-over design and weight and hematocrit as our primary hydration measures, we were able to demonstrate up to 47% better hydration when players used PREPD compared with sports drinks and water only. Stay tuned for full trial results when the study is published in 2018.

Our Story

Our history is rooted in over 20 years of University and clinical research to treat severe dehydration in developing countries. Our research team developed something truly remarkable - a unique resistant-starch based oral rehydration solution, which has demonstrated superior hydration effectiveness in three published clinical trials in a medical dehydration setting. We then adapted the medical formulation into a two-part sports hydration system to meet the hydration needs of athletes in a sports environment, and delivered similarly game-changing results in a 2014 trial with elite athletes.

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