Resistant starch is found naturally in small quantities in everyday foods like potatoes and green bananas. Resistant starches (RS) are resistant to digestion (hence their name) and many of them can act as a prebiotic – food for the good bacteria in the gut.┬áNumerous research studies have linked resistant starch with having positive effects on gut health including maintaining healthy gut function, increasing good bacteria and vitamin production, better immune health and breakdown of toxins.

While there are many different types of RS, our research team have extensively tested a diverse range of materials to identify the optimal RS to drive fluid absorption. The unique RS in our patented formulations, when consumed by the good bacteria in the gut, produce a special combination of short-chain-fatty-acids (SCFAs) which optimally drive fluid absorption in the large intestine.

In doing so, PREPD is able to access an untapped potential for hydration in the body of up to 30%.

Resistant starch molecules under a microscope create the unique ‘extinction cross’ pattern you’ll see in our branding.

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