Research shows that dehydration of over 2% of body weight can reduce athletic performance by up to 29%[1]. This level of fluid loss is common in most popular sports that last for an hour or more including AFL, rugby, soccer, tennis, hockey, cricket and especially in endurance sports like triathlon. The overall impact of dehydration on sports performance typically ranges from between 5-30% and negatively affects endurance athletic output, skill accuracy, decision-making, power output and reaction times.

Despite this being a well understood problem in sports science, the formulation of sports drinks haven’t advanced significantly in over 50 years. Most isotonic sports drinks have two key shortcomings:

  1. They typically have too much sugar for optimal hydration in the small intestine, which actually slows and reduces fluid uptake, and
  2. They completely ignore the hydration potential in the large intestine to absorb up to 6L of fluid per day.

The PREPD hydration system is designed to be consumed alongside your favourite sports drinks and water (rather than replace them) to supercharge their hydration effectiveness during and after exercise. PREPD is hypotonic (low in sugar) for optimal absorption in the small intestine and our unique resistant starch promotes fluid uptake in the large intestine. By enhancing your body’s hydration potential, PREPD allows you to perform at your peak for longer and recover faster.


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