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PREPD is a two-part hydration system, consumed pre- and post-exercise, and is completely different to any other sports drink on the market. The unique resistant-starch in PREPD has been scientifically proven to promote fluid absorption in the large intestine, which has an untapped potential to absorb up to 6L of fluid per day. Despite being slightly sweet in flavour, the PREPD drinks are also low in sugar (hypotonic) for optimal fluid absorption in the small intestine. By also enhancing fluid absorption in the large intestine, PREPD is able to access an untapped potential for hydration in the body of up to 30%.

Perform at your peak for longer

PREPD Prime uses a special resistant starch, which allows your body to hydrate up to 30% more effectively. By enhancing fluid absorption and reducing dehydration during sport, Prime helps you perform at your peak for longer.

PREPD Prime will launch in tropical and berry flavours in a 500ml ready-to-drink format and will be available for purchase online, in selected gyms and sports specialty stores from mid-2018. Sign-up to our e-newsletter at the bottom of this page to stay tuned to all our updates and to be notified when PREPD launches to market.

Can we “pre-hydrate”?

The human body can’t store water in reserve, but with the right conditions in the gut, we can prime the large intestine to absorb up to 6L of fluid per day. Prime accesses this untapped hydration potential using an optimally selected resistant starch to drive fluid uptake in the large intestine so you are better hydrated before exertion and absorb fluid more effectively during sport.

How do I use: Prime?

Consume 1x 500ml PREPD Prime 6-18 hours before intense exercise. This allows enough time for the resistant starch to reach the gut and create the conditions needed for fluid uptake. As a general rule, if you’re playing sport in the morning or early afternoon, drink Prime the evening beforehand, and if you’re playing in the mid-afternoon or evening drink Prime with breakfast that morning.

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