After 20 years of research by Flinders medical researchers, a new sports hydration drink called PREP’D is poised to be a super boost for athletes and the community.

The launch of PREP’D by the University’s commercialisation arm Flinders Partners in 2017-18 will be supported by a $142,000 early commercialisation grant from TechInSA, the State Government’s innovation agency.

PREP’D has been designed to prime the body for optimal fluid absorption using a special, food-grade resistant starch. It’s a two-part hydration system including a ‘pre-load drink’ consumed up to 18 hours before exertion, followed by a recovery drink for rapid rehydration.

“In an earlier clinical trial with the Adelaide Crows, PREP’D showed significantly better overall hydration compared with sports drinks and water,” says David Vincent from Flinders Partners.

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