How do I use PREPD?

The PREPD hydration system is designed to be consumed alongside your favourite sports drinks and water (rather than replace them) to supercharge their hydration effectiveness during and after exercise. Both PREPD drinks should be consumed ice cold and shaken well. Consume PREPD Prime between 6-18 hours prior to intense exercise. Consume PREPD Recover immediately after intense exercise.

Is PREPD safe?

PREPD has been batch tested by HASTA to provide peace of mind that there are no ASADA banned substances in our drinks. The unique resistant starch in PREPD is commonly found in small quantities in food products and has been granted GRAS (generally regarded as safe) status by the FDA as a medical food.

Does PREPD contain added sugar and/or artificial sweetener?

PREPD contains glucose at low concentrations known to be optimal for hydration. PREPD is also sweetened with sucralose, a modified form of table sugar, which has an excellent safety profile with no known concerns.

Why does PREPD have the consistency of a smoothie?

PREPD has a smoothie-like texture due to it’s unique ingredient – a specially selected resistant starch, which delivers the unique hydration benefits not found in any other commercially available electrolyte drink.

Why resistant starch?

The unique resistant starch (RS) in PREPD is resistant to digestion and acts as a prebiotic in the gut (food for good bacteria in the large intestine). As the RS is consumed by the good bacteria, a special combination of short-chain-fatty-acids (SCFAs) are produced. This combination of SCFAs has been found to optimally promote fluid absorption in the large intestine, which has a largely untapped potential to absorb up to 5l of fluid per day.

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