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PREPD is a two-part hydration system, consumed pre- and post-exercise, and is completely different to any other sports drink on the market. The unique resistant-starch in PREPD has been scientifically proven to promote fluid absorption in the large intestine, which has an untapped potential to absorb up to 6L of fluid per day. Despite being slightly sweet in flavour, the PREPD drinks are also low in sugar (hypotonic) for optimal fluid absorption in the small intestine. By also enhancing fluid absorption in the large intestine, PREPD is able to access an untapped potential for hydration in the body of up to 30%.

The PREPD hydration system is designed to be consumed alongside your favourite sports drinks and water (rather than replace them) to supercharge their hydration effectiveness during and after exercise. In doing so, PREPD allows you to perform at your peak for longer and recover faster.

PREPD is the difference.

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